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We played:

Birthday Party

Smrkovice Písek Friday 25.11.2016 more >>>

Abiturien Ball

KD Písek Písek Friday 11.11.2016 more >>>

ABBA Rocks Revival

ABBA Rocks Revival

Music Gala

Music Gala

Vladimír Hron & GC

Vladimír Hron & GC

Edith Piaf

Edith Piaf


cz Reprezentační večer Even-Ekoklima

31.03.2007 - Hotel MAS Sezimovo Ústí
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Petr Kolář

"Petr Kolář" zpěvák

represents the all-night amusement and lively show. His genuine performance od the song " Ještěže Tě lásko mám" (It is not as if…, my love) was unbeliavable in our show. We all cross our fingers for him as he is really great and exceptional singer. No.2 right be after Karel Gott!


Vratislav Měchura "Vráťa" moderátor

Exceptional speaker, entertainer, dramaturgist and script-writer. Good Company likes to work with him because he is precise, hard-working and he never leaves the stage prematuraly.