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Medical Kongres

Hotel Pyramida Praha Saturday 01.12.2018

Silvester Gala

Hotel Sonnenhügel Bad Kissing Monday 31.12.2018

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Birthday Party

Smrkovice Písek Friday 25.11.2016 more >>>

Abiturien Ball

KD Písek Písek Friday 11.11.2016 more >>>

ABBA Rocks Revival

ABBA Rocks Revival

Music Gala

Music Gala

Vladimír Hron & GC

Vladimír Hron & GC

Edith Piaf

Edith Piaf


cz Valentinský ples-Lukland

14.02.2009 - Hotel Růže Písek
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Edita Poláchová "Edit" zpěvačka

She is the winner of "The Talent of Písek Region" in 2007 and winner of the first round of the "South Bohemian Sparrow (Vrabčák)" of 2007. She is a singer with great gift and voice range who attracts also with her temperament and nature.


Blanka Hrdinová "Blanche" zpěvačka

Is the winner of the competition in singing "The Talent of Písek Region" of 2006 and got the silver South Bohemian Sparrow (Vrabčák) from the following year 2007. You may experience her interpretation of the French songs from the repertoirs of Gilbert Becaud, Edith Piaf, Mireille Mathieu or Celine Dion. Her French means delight for the fans of this language.

Videoclip: non, je ne regrette rien.mp4


Vratislav Měchura "Vráťa" moderátor

Exceptional speaker, entertainer, dramaturgist and script-writer. Good Company likes to work with him because he is precise, hard-working and he never leaves the stage prematuraly.