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We played:

Birthday Party

Smrkovice Písek Friday 25.11.2016 more >>>

Abiturien Ball

KD Písek Písek Friday 11.11.2016 more >>>

ABBA Rocks Revival

ABBA Rocks Revival

Music Gala

Music Gala

Vladimír Hron & GC

Vladimír Hron & GC

Edith Piaf

Edith Piaf


cz Commpetion-Sing Song_Czech Talent 2010

28.11.2010 - KD Písek PÍSEK
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Roman Dragoun

"Roman Dragoun" zpěvák, klávesy, skladatel

Recently he has been a truly welcomed guest of the Good Company and our livelong friend. We enjoy to play his "Other Side of the Moon" - the everlasting song (composed 25 years ago).


Vratislav Měchura "Vráťa" moderátor

Exceptional speaker, entertainer, dramaturgist and script-writer. Good Company likes to work with him because he is precise, hard-working and he never leaves the stage prematuraly.